Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Äkkigalleria 12 - On Fire

Äkkigalleria 12 brings together a group of seven women artists from Finland.

Being a woman is not the only attribute that brings these artists together. First and foremost, the most interesting aspect of their work is the inherent energy these artists possess: their artwork is a continuation of their breath. The artists use their work as a direct form of communication: these artists have something ardent to say, and it is said with confidence. 
Thematically, the artists are interested in people and more specifically in human relationship. For some it is the physical interaction the viewer has with the artwork, for others it is the observation of friends and family, or reactions that happen between two individuals within any given context of time and place.

Together, the seven artists express a broad spectrum of artistic mediums. Textiles, painting, sculpture, animation, printmaking, performance documentation and video work are all represented in this exhibition.

The artists’ power may come, in part, by virtue of being a woman: experiencing life within a specific social context that has influenced their nature. But more over, this is a group of strong, successful artists, whose passion in creation is on fire.

The artists of Äkkigalleria 12 are, Pirjetta Brander, Annika Dahlsten, Eeva-Mari Haikala, Arja Jäppinen, Minna Suoniemi, Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen and Ulla Virta.

For Pirjetta Brander, drawing could be considered the thread of life. Though drawing, Brander reflects on relationships: the connections that bind, infuriate, excite us and make us weep. Without porting judgment, she draws these feelings into stylized images of pure emotion.
For Äkkigalleria 12, Brander shows her animation video “Purgatory”. 

As a printmaker, Annika Dahlsten is particulariliy interested in the representation of people, and especially in women’s faces. Dahlsten uses bright colours and texture to study the way different groups of people are categorized throughout history.
For Äkkigalleria 12, Dahlsten will show a series of images from two different series made in 2010 “Fire Fire” and “Teepöydän ääressä”.

Eeva-Mari Haikala is a performative artist and writer based in both London and Helsinki. Her performances are simple and strait forward exposing humoristic (yet serious) absurdities from daily life with a stoic face. 
For Äkkgalleria 12, Haikala presents a documentary video of a recent performance shown in London (November 2011).

Arja Jäppinen is a Jyväskylä sculptor best known for her colourful, coarsely formed figures and her sense of humour. Jäppinen’s work is often inspired by movement; dance, athletics or the blatant lack there of. 
For Äkkigalleria 12, Jäppinen presents a fresh, new, papermaché sculpture.

Minna Suoniemi is a video artist working in Helsinki and Tampere. Suoniemi’s themes revolve around the observation of humans as social creatures. She has specifically studied the acceptable and unacceptable rolls of women historically and in contemporary popular culture.
For Äkkigalleria 12, Suoniemi is presenting the first viewing of her work “Punahilkka ja susi” (Little Red Riding-hood and the Wolf), a 1:30 minute video of a 9 year-old girl. 

Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen’s sculptural works are life-sized figures made from knitted or carefully sown cloth. Turakka-Purhonen uses self-portraits along with biblical and mythical figures, to quietly convey conflicting emotions of the contemporary woman.
For Äkkigalleria 12, Turakka-Purhonen is showing

Ulla Virta is a Jyväskylä printmaker whose painterly woodcuts have been noticed worldwide. Virta’s prints reveal a passion in life, through hardship and love; every line expresses vitality.
For Äkkigalleria 12 Virta presents her new print “Metsämies” (The Forest Man). 

The opening will be on Wednesday the 23rd of November from 5 – 7pm. Guest poet Tero Hannula will perform his “Anarchy is Woman”, a song of reverence to women and freedom, on Saturday the 26th at 6pm.
The exhibition and events are free of charge. Everyone is welcome. 
Äkkigalleria 12
Gummeruksenkatu 5
Open from the 24th to the 27th of November, 1 – 7pm

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