Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Äkkigalleria 6 - thank you

Once again we would like to thank everyone for helping make Äkkigalleria 6 a truly fantastic experience! Especially special thanks goes to all of the participating artist, to Korjaamo Galleria, all of the volunteer performers for Nastja Rönkkö's piece: Mikko Jäppinen, Jarkko Kaurismäki, Panu Kivi, Ville Mattila, and Ossi Paananen as well as to the dancers from the closing performance: Elsa and Malwiina Heikkilä!
A special thanks also goes out to Ulla Ourila of the Drama Gallery for cooperation in renting the space for Äkkigalleria 6. (and note the beautiful high ceiling-ed, clean space is now available for long term rental)
Without forgetting to thank Äkkigalleria's Assistant Director, Juho Jäppinen,and his full time employer Jussi Jäppinen Ky, who allowed flexible work hours and several days of partial-leave during the preparation and closing of Äkkigalleria 6.
Thank you!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Äkkigalleria 6 - closing performance

Sunday the 28th of November is the last day of Äkkigalleria 6. At 5:30pm Äkkigalleria will present "a work in progress" by Elsa and Malwiina Heikkilä. This will be the very first taste of their up coming duet scheduled for production in 2011. The performance will last approximately 10 minutes.

Everyone is welcome to Äkkigalleria 6, for this free dance performance in celebration of the last day of Äkkigalleria 6!

Äkkigalleria 6 - Images

Äkkigalleria 6

Äkkigalleria 6 - exhibition view on main floor, artwork form left to right: photographs by Heidi Romo, sculpture by Jasu Salmi, sculpture by Eeva-Liisa Sorainen, cereal boxes by Jani Leinonen

Äkkigalleria 6 - live sculpture by Jasu Salmi

Äkkigalleria 6 - Mustard Gas by Riiko Sakkinen

Äkkigalleria 6 - installation by Christelle Mas

Äkkigalleria 6 - reflections of Jani Leinonen's cereal boxes and Eeva-Liisa Sorainen's bread-house, in Heidi Romo's photograph Paradise (2010)

Äkkigalleria 6 - closing performance by Elsa and Malwiina Heikkilä

Äkkigalleria 6 - Christmas table by Pekka Suomäki (2010)

Äkkigalleria 6 - the after math of "Boys" a performance by Nastja Rönkkö

Äkkigalleria 6 window display- cereal boxes by Jani Leinonen

Performance by Nastja Rönkkö on the opening night.

Performance by Nastja Rönkkö on the opening night.

Performance by Nastja Rönkkö on the opening night.

Leipäpuu by Eeva-Liisa Sorainen

photos: Juho Jäppinen

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Äkkigalleria 6 - opening night programme

Äkkigalleria will open on Wednesday the 24th of November.
The exhibition will be open from 1pm until 7pm but the opening festivities will begin at 5pm.
The opening night programme includes the performance "Boys" choreographed by Nastja Rönkkö which will present its world premiere at 5:30pm sharp. This performance magnifies social expectations as it physically shows the degradation of manners and in the artist's own words:

Boys is a playful attempt to de-construct our appropriations of social gestures, languages and etiquettes.

During the opening night Christelle Mas will also offer a low-key poetry performance. And it will be possible to eat some of the art along with the opening refreshments.

Everyone is welcome:
Äkkigalleria 6 - I'm Hungry for Art
Kilpisenkatu 7, Jyväskylä