Friday, September 16, 2011


On Saturday September 17th, at 8pm, passers by Lotta Roukala and Noora Pasanen perform in the Äkkigalleria 11 space, as an extention of the Äkkiresidency installation created by Inga Cholmogorova and Anthony Schrag. This sponteous performance is arranged and guided by Inga Cholmogorova.
The Äkkigalleria 11 installation invites the public to become part of the space by consciously and/or involuntarily interacting with their environment in non conform ways. The duo will push that notion just a little bit further.
The event is free of charge, everyone is welcome.
Äkkigalleria 11, Kauppakatu 4, Jyväskylä
Inga Cholmogorova is a visual artist, performer and choreographer; she is one of this year's Äkkiresidency artists. Lotta Roukala and Noora Pasanen are both acrobats and perform with Circus Uusi Maailma.

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