Friday, September 2, 2011

Äkki-residency: Inga Cholmogorova & Anthony Schrag

The Äkki-residency is designed to allow two artists, who have never met, the opportunity to create new work (together) in a foreign space. The intense timeframe sets this residency apart from most other artist’s residencies: the artists of the Äkki-residency have approximately two weeks to prepare and exhibit their work. The Äkki-residency is an example of the Äkkigalleria mandate; to promote creative risk taking, to find new and imaginative ways of sharing art with the public and to bring art to different public spheres by usurping existing spaces.
This year’s Äkki-residency artists are Anthony Schrag and Inga Cholmogorova. Although the artists produce very different art, certain thematic elements, such as gender, aggression, assumption, and acceptance thread through their work pulling the artists together. More over, performance, interactive art and community collaborations are fundamental in the practices of both artists.
As per the Äkki-residency mandate, the artists will meet for the first time upon arrival in Jyväskylä.  The artists will then have one week to prepare new work which will be exhibited for four days in the same space.
Anthony Schrag has a direct approach to making art. Schrag frequently uses his body as a tool; interacting with his environment in non-conform ways. Climbing a lamp-post, sitting in a door frame one metre off the ground, balancing on a wall radiator: his precarious stunts hint at alternative ways of using and observing and living in space.
Inga Cholmogorova’s work is multilayered. Cholmogorova is interested in social assumptions and taboos. She questions the ways in which certain actions and phrases are taken for granted through performance and mise-en-scenes, which usually involve the spectator.
The artists will be available to talk about their work with the public during the Cultural Orienteering event on Sunday September 11th, from 11am - 4pm at the gallery. The exhibition opening will be held on Wednesday the 14th of September from 17-19 pm. Everyone is welcome, there is no admission fee. 
Äkkigalleria 11, Kauppakatu 4, Jyväskylkä
opening on Wednesday the 14th at 5pm 
15. – 18.09.2011, open from 1-7pm everyday.

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