Saturday, April 9, 2016

Äkkigalleria 37 in collaboration with Catalysti for the International Week Against Racism

Edwina Goldstone "Anarchy of Silence"

Äkkigalleria 37 collaborates with Catalysti for the international week against racism.  

In the current political climate where borders and cultural definitions are used as excuses for ignoring moral humanity, it is increasingly important to bring issues of inequality to the forefront. Catalysti is an artist association of trans-cultural artists living and working in Finland. The position and experience of the Catalysti artists as foreigners in Finland makes them particularly sensitive to issues of exclusion and prejudice. 
The international week against racism provides a natural context to showcase art with a political edge. The artists chosen for this exhibition are active members of their communities who all individually shine light on injustice through their artistic practice. Be it a commentary on inaction, the solitude of exclusion, or the damage of inequality, the artists use muted tones to and aesthetically gentile images to quietly draw a blade into the viewer’s conscience. 
The artists presented in this exhibition are:
Edwina Goldstone
Inma Herrera
Sepideh Rahaa
March 22nd to Saturday March 26th, 2016
from 12–18

Kauppakatu 19 (next to ti-la2016)

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