Thursday, February 13, 2014

Äkkigalleria gets a 2-page critique in Finland's TAIDE-lehti magazine


Suddenly Now!

The exhibition is just starting but closing soon
Äkkigalleria, Jyväskylä
January 23rd – 25th

Text by Hannu Castrén


The caption under that first image in the article refers to this image from the "Minä mies" (Me, Man) exhibition with Kalle Turakka-Purhonen's performance Vernissage Bodybuilder. In the background Harri Pälviranta's series "Karva-iho" (Hair -skin). It is amazing that only one photo caption got mixed up. The actual photo in the snowy tunnel, is from Äkkigalleria 13: a residency by Antoine Meyer.

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