Sunday, November 17, 2013

Äkkigalleria 23 - Climate (ex)Change

Äkkigalleria 23 brings the work of 7 Swazi artists to Jyväskylä, Finland at the end of November, 2013.
sculpture by Fela Dlamini

Äkkigalleria presents artists: Sunshine Nxumalo, Khulekani Msweli, Fela Dlamini, Celimpilo Dlamini, Bhekani Dlamini, Dane Armstrong and Aleta Armstrong.

“Climate Change” is a title of this era, a common phrase, and a reality that affects all of us regardless of where we live. In general we take it to mean the melting of the polar ice caps, strong tropical storms and the extinction of certain delicate species. But there are other climate changes equally current and equally important: social and cultural climates being rapidly influenced by social media and the easy transportation; political climates currently changing under the weight of years of power imbalances, religious climates swelling as people strive to find balance in this fast shifting world. The fast pace of the capitalist machinery along with the tremendous flood of constant information make this constant flux ever more apparent.

The exhibition Climate (ex)Change, as an event, is cross-cultural exchange between the artists from Swaziland and the residents of Jyväskylä, Finland. As a platform the exhibition allows the artists to explore and assert their thoughts and opinions on what could be connections, similarities and differences of the two countries in their geography, vegetation, cultures, people and art. Two small countries, two strong cultural identities, that know little to nothing about the other, are given a chance to meet on the common ground of art.

For this exhibition seven Swazi artists have been invited to present new work at the Äkkigalleria in Jyväskylä, Finland for the exhibition Climate (ex)Change. The artists were carefully chosen to represent a divers array of practices in the visual arts. Contemporary expressions of painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, video and sound will be used to express the artists’ thoughts and feelings about the differences between these two polar countries.

To accentuate the differences between Swaziland and Finland (which are geographically situated directly North/South of each other in extremity) the exhibition will take place during a dead-cold, lightless Finnish winter at the same time as the Jacaranda flowers of a hot early summer arrive in a bright Swaziland. Through the work of these seven artists, this exhibition will bring the light and warmth of Swaziland to the cold north. And a longer-term exchange will become possible as the seed of collaboration is planted in the common language of art.

This kind of exchange is essential in eradicating stereotypes, by bringing artists and the public together in art, this exhibition will provide a live experience of another culture without any of the typical branding. Live experiences are key to exposing the humanity we all possess.

Climate (ex)Change will be the 23rd Äkkigalleria exhibition in Jyväskylä Finland. The exhibition will be open to the public for one week at the end of November 2013. The exhibition is free of charge, everyone is welcome.

Äkkigalleria 23 will be open:
November 30th – December 5th, 2013 open daily from 11am until 6pm.
The opening will be held on Saturday November 30th 2-5pm.

Äkkigalleria is currently located at Kauppakatu 35, (Tawast/Hoviraitti commercial centre) Located on the ground floor at the former Tunn1n Kuva location.
Access from inside the commercial centre and/or from the outside corridor next to Halonen.

Äkkigalleria is an artist run gallery project and is partially funded by the Arts Council of Central Finland.

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