Saturday, May 4, 2013

Katustipendi II - Street Grant II

Announcing the second Äkkigalleria Katustipendi street-grant.

Äkkigalleria awards a small grant to a visual artist working in public spaces to create an ephemeral installation or to make an intervention of visual sorts on the streets of Jyväskylä.

This year the grant goes out to Jukka Silokunnas a versatile Jyväskylä artist who is best known for his work in animation and his extensive knowledge on Finnish street art.

The award will be presented in correlation with the Yläkaupungin Yö festival at the Jyväkylä Art Museum on Saturday May 18th at 2:30pm, at the same time as the inaugruation of the projects Taidetta tiellä* and  Laatikkomo**. The event is free of charge, everyone is welcome!

The Street Interventions will be visible starting Saturday 18th, 2013 for as long as they last. Photographs of the work and directions to find them will be given at a later date.

* Taidetta tiellä (art on the streets)  is  a project which uses 12 junction boxes around Jyväskylä as surfaces for presenting the artwork of 12 different artists and a group of young art students. 
** Laatikkomo - six degrees of photography, is a very small art gallery and website which focuses on photography world wide. The gallery follows six strains of artists who each choose their sequential photographer. A map and details about the project will be available on the website beginning mid-May 2013.

Technoglasses - Jukka Silokunnas

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