Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Äkkigalleria 8

In this bleak time of year, after the party and festivities, after the guests have gone back home; we are left with the beautiful calm of winter, to consider the space and quiet around us.

In this line of reflection, Äkkigalleria 8 presents an exhibition on the theme of Landscape:

Landscape as the space that opens up when we step outside our door.

Äkkigalleria 8 is a low-key, comforting exhibition that takes us close into the moment of now.

The participating artists are: Anita Hannunen, Jonna Jantunen, Kapa, Carita Savolainen, Rune Snellman, and Tuukka Toijanniemi. All of the artists are from Central Finland. The work in this exhibition consists of drawing, printing, painting, photography, sound and light installation.

The opening will be held on Wednesday the 26th of January at 5 – 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

Äkkigalleria 8 – Maisema nyt

Yliopistonkatu 26C (previously Kehystämö Patina)

January 27th to 30th, 2011

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