Saturday, February 27, 2010

Äkkigalleria 2

The second Äkkigalleria was held from the 16th to the 20th of December 2009.
For this second exhibition, Äkkigalleria presented Jyväskylä based artists: Jussi Heikkilä, Aino Kajaniemi and Pekka Suomäki, along with four other Finnish artists: Terhi Heino, Helena Junttila, John Phillip Mäkinen and Tiitus Petäjäniemi, and Canadian artist Joshua Van Dyke.
The artists were chosen based on the trends of their past work and will present new work related to the theme “Human-animal – where humans and nature collide”. This exhibition took place in a former pet-shop/aquarium storefront.

Tiitus Petäjäniemi's paintings at the opening

Installation by Pekka Suomäki and tapestries by Aino Kajaniemi in the background

Mascara brushes by Terhi Heino and drawings by Helena Junttila in the background

Installation by John Phillip Mäkinen

Antlers by Joshua Van Dyke and side view of work by Aino Kajaniemi

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